6 Dating Myths you Best not Believe According to Dating Coach



Dating nowadays is in no short supply of 'rules' that people follow.

Some of these are mandatory and speak of common sense, while others are downright absurd and border on myth territory. To make dating somewhat stress-free and much more successful and fun, you have to learn more about these myths and avoid them. In this guide, we will present a few of them.

  • You cannot simply make yourself more attractive – you may only believe this if you are a firm supporter of the notion that beauty is entirely a function of your appearance. However, relationship experts suggest otherwise. There is much more that people perceive as attractive, other than your appearance.

    It could be something as far away from how you look, such as what is your attitude towards others, whether you own a dog or your taste in music. Personality traits are often more important than physical attractiveness, and this holds true for both men and women.

  • Men think women shouldn't be the ones asking them on a date – a lot of women out there are afraid that if they are the ones asking men on a date, it will come off as too strong.

    If you are among the people believing this to be true, you need a wake-up call. The reality is that most men would not find a woman asking them on a date bothersome at all. Not to mention that women who don't act, as they believe this myth, will often miss out on great opportunities.

  • Opposites are sure to attract – despite what Hollywood movies might have to show for it, opposites are not immediately attracted.

    That is not to say you cannot like someone if they have different interests, but there needs to be at least some common ground between you. Otherwise, there will be nothing to help build the relationship on. That is why it is a good idea to use dating as a way to learn more about the person, Sexkontakte to validate your attraction.

  • Conflict is never a good sign – any romantic relationship faces conflict at one point or another.

    However, that doesn't necessarily mean trouble ahead. In fact, even if you argue a lot, if you understand the problems and work on resolving them, you can establish a stronger relationship. Studies show that couples only feel bad when they argue if they don't understand the other person.

  • It is always best to wait before responding to texts – now, it is understandable that you don't want the other to see you as desperate and too eager.

    However, leaving the other person without reply is probably not ideal either. Studies show that the longer people leave the person without reply, the more the chances increase the initiator will lose interest. Therefore, it is a good idea to not play games and leave the other person hanging without reply.

  • If you don't click well on the first date, you are not right for this person – it is possible to get a good sense of whether you are right for the person on the first date.

    However, it is not entirely possible to know whether that person is the right one for you. It takes time for attraction to build up, usually when you get to know more about the other. Follow this useful advice: when in doubt, always give it a second chance.

All of these myths are present in the dating world of today.

It is up to you to stop believing in them, as that is only going to make your dating a lot more successful.

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