A Deadly Mistake Uncovered on Golf Balls And How to Avoid It

You will have to try out several construction types for a few rounds each to determine which ones will suit your game the best. From a performance standpoint, the Titleist ProV1x is worth every penny and has proven time and time again why its one of the best golf balls on the market. Added distance off the tee relative to the prior version, tight spin control around the greens, and enhanced durability make the 2021 ProV1 one of the best golf balls on the market. Titleist has dominated the golf ball market longer than any other company. As we’ve already mentioned, the Titleist ProV1x spins more and launches higher than the ProV1 and is designed for elite players. The ProV1x is a four-piece golf ball featuring a dual core, an inonomeric casing layer, a soft yet durable urethane elastomer cover, and a unique dimple design. Most PGA Tour professionals play Titleist golf balls and it’s pretty evenly divided among the ProV1 and the ProV1x. Titleist somehow added 5-10 yards to this ball without sacrificing too much spin. Lower spin rates lead to distance gains and players report picking up 5-10 yards on drives and a handful of yards with their irons when using the new ProV1.

The new version has a thicker casing layer that lowers the spin rates on the driver, long and mid irons. This is generally a welcomed improvement in the Pro V1 and those who are addicted to spin can easily transition to the Titleist Pro V1x if the middle trajectory and spin rates don’t suit your game. This patented three-piece design by Titleist was created after they received feedback from Tour players who wanted to see some added distance without sacrificing too much of the patented high-spin and control around the greens. Traditionally, this golf ball has been built for mid-trajectory ball flight and a solid amount of spin around the greens. If you’re looking for high ball flight and lots of spin, this might be the best golf ball for you. That being said, the ProV1 is still one of the best golf balls today. One lot (50 Premium Golf Balls) available.All very good to mint condition. The cover is also quite durable for a premium ball.

Perhaps Titleist is reacting to some of the competition by making a premium golf ball suitable for both good and elite players. Though we always encourage you to play a Titleist AVX over a Pro V1 if you’re afraid of shots ballooning into the air or spinning into oblivion, the new Titleist Pro V1 can be played by way more players. Golf balls are usually white, spherical and have depressions on its surface to decrease air resistance. Because of this, it truly one of the best golf balls out there for both distance and spin. Searching for the things that you want that are the best quality is really in your best interest. So while you want your practice swings to be consistent and right on, why not try used golf balls such as Titleist, Nike or Callaway. While the NXT Tour has an inner core and an outer core, the NXT Tour S has a single large core. While Titleist probably didn’t need to improve the ProV1, they’ve somehow managed to do so.

The Titleist ProV1 is still a three-piece golf ball with a urethane cover but Titleist has introduced a thicker casing layer. The casing layer adds speed on long shots. The soft center gives those with a lower swing speed the possibility to compress the ball. The Z Star XV provides added distance because of the previously mentioned Dual Energetic Gradient Growth core and the optimally designed 338 Speed Dimple Pattern. Finally, the spherically tilted 328 tetrahedral dimple design has been engineered to provide a high yet penetrating and consistent flight. Golfers who choose the Titleist Pro V1x over the Pro V1 are players looking for a high launch trajectory and low spin off the tee, stop and drop action with wedges and approach shots, a solid yet soft feel on and around the greens. Other than the solid feel, the 2021 Titleist ProV1 has been designed to spin a bit less. The 2021 version of the Titleist ProV1 has a 17% thinner cover than last year’s model.