Canvas prints are made by printing a picture directly onto a canvas

The Refine

Canvas prints are made by printing a photo straight onto a canvas, which is then extended or covered around a frame– either covering the photo around the stretchers or utilizing a white or tinted border. Canvas gallery covers can be made to bespoke dimensions– implying that, big or little, the end outcome will certainly be a really specific print. Canvas prints can be protected by a UV laminate before they’ve twisted around the wood frame. Acrylic photo printing entails printing onto photo paper and sandwiching between two sheets of 5mm acrylic. The back sheet of acrylic can be black, white or clear, depending upon which best fits the style of the picture. Aluminium standoffs are utilized to attach the acrylic frame to the wall, providing it visual deepness.


Acrylic photo prints are created making use of 2 unique procedures. The initial procedure prints your photo straight onto the acrylic as well as seals it with a white back covering. The second, referred to as face place, prints the image onto paper and after that is sandwiched behind the acrylic.

Canvas prints are made by printing your photo straight onto a canvas, which is after that stretched and also secured around a wooden frame. Conversely, you can choose your customized photo presents to be mounted within a frame.

Choices, Decisions

When making a decision which kind of treatment will certainly best canvas prints boost your custom-made photo presents, take the complying with right into account:


In terms of showing your last product, it’s crucial to consider the visual you’re aiming for. To attain a streamlined and also contemporary appearance, acrylic printing gives vibrant and sharp images. While it’s still not as commonly used as canvas printing, acrylic photo printing continues to grow in appeal– and also is particularly important for professionals who put a good deal of value in presentation. Canvas printing, nonetheless, produces a textured surface to give your print a more old-school and authentic appearance. Canvases are the even more popular option in indoor style as well as house design, providing a very easy and also affordable method to present prints. Acrylics, on the various other hand, are usually utilized in an extra industrial environment– especially in workplace and also function areas.


What are the features of the area in which your new print will hang? Exists a lot of light? How is the area used? What type of embellishing design is currently dominant?A downtown loft with great deals of light and big rooms gives an excellent background for an acrylic print to beam. For rooms with subdued lighting or an unwinded feel, a canvas print is most likely the much better selection. A rustic cabin in the woods would perfectly offset a canvas print of any type of dimension.

Color Vibrancy

Where vibrancy is worried, acrylic prints have a side on canvas printing– with the face place option taking complete advantage of the reflective top quality of acrylic. Because no light passes via an acrylic print, deep, rich shades have the ability to preserve their vibrancy. In canvas printing, on the various other hand, even more shade requires to be added to ensure the most effective ink protection, which implies that describing can be shed.


As has been discussed, acrylic prints use an advantage over canvas prints when it comes to shade intensity, which can improve image vibrancy. This remains in component sustained by the reflective surface of acrylic prints. It limits light travelling through the surface area of the print, which consequently ensures picture colors are able to maintain their intensity when being seen from all sides of the print.

On canvas prints, the printing procedure will focus on adding even more shade in order to accomplish the very best color protection for the image being applied. This is the primary way printers make sure that photo outlining is not lost. At Canvas Factory our printers are masters at this procedure, making sure ink spread throughout the canvas is attained each time. This will certainly ensure that the final ended up print looks exactly like your brilliant photo.


In some cases occasions occur. If your print is entering a game room, class, or somewhere where it will require to withstand life’s tough knocks, acrylic is the means to go.The integral high qualities protect your photo from dampness, UV rays, and unexpected knocks. Canvas is better suited to more peaceful locations in your house, as it can fall target to slits or frame damage. Canvas prints, however, cause much less security damages if the unthinkable happens.


Generally, both the UV security as well as laminate related to canvas prints makes certain that the surface of the prints is protected from the bumps and also scratches that can happen when you’re relocating your pictures around your home or office. The laminate likewise gives water damage security, while allowing you to still be able to cleanse the canvas with a wet towel. The toughness of the canvas product, paired with the surface therapy used makes sure that you will obtain 70+ years of high quality out of an excellent canvas print.

Acrylic prints on the other hand, by the nature of the printing process and surface, used, offer even much more protective advantages and also long life for your photo. The toughness of the surface area ensures that they are immune to most breaks and scrapes, while still being light adequate to walk around any room without problem. Comparable to canvas prints they are additionally moisture immune and easy to clean with a moist towel, while additionally being immune to damage from sunlight.


If you must bring your prints with you, canvas prints prepare to road-trip. Lightweight and simple to show, canvas has the advantage over acrylics, which are naturally much heavier and normally call for durable mounts. Consider the difference in weight if your art is being delivered, especially internationally. We provide rolled canvas prints simply for this circumstance!

Your Budget

Without a question, canvas beats acrylic for cost. Canvas prints offer charm and also style for a fraction of the expense of acrylic photo printings as a result of the distinctions in materials and processing.If you are looking to maximize your art budget, selecting canvas will allow you a lot more art prints online for your buck. That said, the cost on acrylic prints is a financial investment in your art work. It may be the only means to head to obtain the ideal search for that dazzling photo.

We suggest you try both canvas prints or acrylic prints as well as see which one you drop in love with.Variety is the flavor of life, after all

Bottom line

To conclude, the print kind you pick will rely on your photo, your budget plan as well as your special style choices.

Canvas prints provide a more timeless, yet functional check out an economical price. Canvas prints are a resilient product. They are durable and will still reflect the quality of the photo related to the product, including richness of shade. A canvas print from Canvas Factory will likewise be with you for over 70 years without fading in photo top quality.

Acrylic prints work fabulously as a modern-style print that showcases highly-detailed or highly-saturated pictures. They’re readily available at a premium price, yet the price is justified based upon the coating, depth as well as intensity you will obtain with your final image– in addition to a long term product life. Which print will you select? Surf our array today to decide!