Dobara Drama Features Bilal Abbas

Another super amazing drama ‘Dobara’ is in the making. It is featuring Bilal Abbas along with Hadiqa Kiani, Fasiq Sakina Samo, and Usama Khan. The serial will hit screens very soon within a few month’s time. According to sources, it is in the final stages of production. The serial will air on Hum TV, and sources suggest as soon as a slot is empty, it’ll be put on the show.

What makes this serial special is the duo of Bilal and Hadiqa Kiani. The hopes are high from them. Latest, Bilal has won hearts with his over-the-top performance in the Dunk serial. It is quite surprising that he’s coming back in another serial so early. Moreover, Hadiqa is also making people awestruck with her exceptional acting skills. Hopefully, the duo will meet the expectations and make this serial a superhit.