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As part of the plan to drain the lake, County Lake Road will be closed indefinitely to allow the pumps to continually move 25,000 gallons of water every minute, the fastest rate the lake could safely be drained without flooding areas downstream, according to County Engineer Clyde Pritchard’s calculations.

The details of the contract have not been made public, but it was authorized due to an emergency proclamation the Board of Supervisors unanimously enacted Thursday in anticipation of Saturday’s forecasted rain.

The plan to drain the lake has an ultimate goal of allowing county officials to demolish a “riser” at the bottom of the lake, which will prevent the lake from filling with water again, alleviating pressure on the dam structure, which has experienced sliding land as a result of water seepage, cctv drain survey wolverhampton and the failing dam.

One such sign would be if the sliding ground on the levee were to reach the pavement. County officials have been inspecting the dam regularly to look for further signs of deterioration that would trigger a mandatory evacuation.

Board President and District 1 Supervisor drain repairs west midlands John Montgomery said it was unfortunate the county had to act so immediately but stressed that the safety of residents’ lives and blocked drains west bromwich property was the number one concern.

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Tuesday’s emergency evacuation plan remains in effect if either of those signs were to be observed, drainage worcester with transportation from Mississippi State University and OCH Regional Medical Center on standby to help move people away from the area directly east of the dam.

According to the National Weather Service, the area around the lake’s failing dam could receive one-fourth of an inch of rain (0.6 centimeters) on Saturday, though watershed from an 18-mile (29-kilometer) radius will also contribute to rising water levels at the lake.

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