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The red scitch defensive group encountered a large area of ​​injuries

The defensive front lines of Arizona’s Red-Spurs have been the top level of the league. However, accompanied by the loss of various people in the rest and many generals this season, the preliminary front line is no longer so strong.

During the fifth week, the Red Tit lost the external line of Matt Shaughsy and the defensive end of Cales, where can i find cheap jerseys Campbell, Campbell. Dennesi has +3.8’s anti-run ratings in this season, is a strong guarantee for the Red Ranza Road, but it is not expected that due to the lap injury has been placed in the injury reserve list. Old will Campbell (total score +11.8) is also the defensive pillar of the red ramp. At present, his score is ranked in all 3-4 defensive ends. Campbell’s anti-running rate is up to 17.6% high-rise alliance, but it is unfortunately hurting the hurt by the Niulus Thomas, www cheapjerseys Julius Thomas, will absent 3 weeks.

The loss of the rickets is far more than this. Counterburst Dunition Dunition Danzi (Karlos Danby), another Inner Line Saninton’s banned DARYL WASHINTON, Darnell Dont Edge Darnell Dockett The knee ligament tears also have John Abraham’s brain oscillating season reimbursement season, the main defensive front line seven groups last season have been lost.

Now the red scitch first-haired fire is downturn, and the larry foote has 9 times, Sam Acho’s 4.3% anti-running rate is red. The side defense of the birds is quite difficult. On the defensive front line, the rookie defensive end Karim Martin is quite bad in the game of the Malaysia, and the 44 shock passes has no succession. Old Tommy Kelly and Flostee Rucker also did not provide much help. At present, the Red Tit wants to recover quite difficult in the fourth defensive level ranked last season.