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Elderly Len-Fitz Patrick will serve as the first quarter of the dolphin

Miami dolphins officially announced an external expectation.

Dolphin coach Brian Florez officially announced the first battle of Ryan Fitzpatrick as a first battle against New England Patriots.

Dolphins will make the first round show four-point Wei Tu A-Tengo Valoa (Tua Tagovailoa) continues to learn wholesale nfl jerseys from china the field and then consider giving him the opportunity.

Fitz Patrick performs excellent performance last season, and he is also very familiar with the team’s new offensive coordinator – Ga Gailey offensive system, compared with the heavy injury wholesale jerseys from china hips, has not experienced a new show for the full-end period. The quarter-saving, he won the first position in succession.

Like most high-level four-defense, Tu A is considered to get an opportunity to get a play at some time in the new season. Specifically, it depends on the performance of the dolphins. They face a tough schedule during the stage of the season, after the patriots, cheap jerseys online they have to connect to the array of Far Robs, Jacksonville America, Seattle Hawks, San Francisco, Denver Muslim, Los Angeles Lightning and Los Angeles Ran. Dolphins may consider letting the picture appease after it is over this time.