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Lightning Run Yakler: It will be difficult to leave a group this year.

Despite the entry of the United States, the Los Angeles Lightning Runa, Austin Ekeler’s career performance. He realized that his success comes from the rookie season to train and receive coaching guidance. And wholesale Green Bay Packers jerseys from china he understood that this year’s decline may not be so lucky.

“Honestly, I don’t know if I can’t participate in the rest of the training, I can leave the team,” Ekler said in an interview. “For me, I need a training stage training. I will pay 100% efforts, but I need to train and make mistakes, because I will think, & lsquo; Ok, these are the next Place of continuing to improve the month. & Rsquo; “

This year’s decline, wholesale jerseys online the new show can’t enjoy the benefits of the rest training. The space left in the training camp will make mistakes will be small, which makes them more difficult to attract the attention of the coach.

“This is very difficult,” Ekole said. “Honestly, this is a very sad thing. This is very unfortunate wholesale nfl jerseys for sale those who seek opportunities. Their chances have been very small, but now smaller …. They are now in the video conference It is still not possible to trained in a psychological challenge in an instilled information.

Of course, the reduction in opportunities does not mean that the decline in the show will not be able to stay in this year. But they will finally face greater challenges.