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Gates knee injury, this week

This week, San Diego lightning injuries will play the team in the next game. This week’s team’s opponent will be the Auckland raid, safe Wei Rick Vadle has determined that the abdominal injury is absent, running Weve Gordon and the outer handle Bikan – Keenan Allen is still observed during the ankle and cheap fake oakley sunglasses buttocks. The old will take over Stevie Johnson, which is also listed as “doubt” due to the injury of the leg.

According to NFL official website reporters, the professional bowls are close to Antonio Gates injured in the knees on the game with Green Bay packaging workers, which will cause him to be in this week. This is also the first-year career in Gates, cheap oakley sunglasses and first encountered knee injury.

On Friday, Gates said: “I will try to find a way on Sunday. If I can’t play, I will let the coach know this as soon as possible, give them the opportunity to adjust. I am very optimistic because I understand What is a football. But tell the truth, this is really a very difficult thing, this is the first time I encountered this injury, let us see what will happen. “