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[A version of the column] 2019 election offensive group rookie summary: surprises and parallelism

The NFL2019 draft selection of Beijing time is not far from the NFL2019 draft, and the election is held in Tennesseneville, in order to welcome the grand meeting to start the palm, the new show is gradually ending, for the most beautiful scene in life, also picking the dress and leather shoes How is this new show this year? Which players have potential to grow into a superstar? This article takes you first look at the top new show of the offensive group:

Dwayne Haskins, Quadruple, Ohio

Figure: 6 feet 3 inch, 231 pounds

Advantages: The tall pocket type four-point guard, good pass arm force, excellent pocket footsteps, can easily pass the shuttle ball, can adjust the direction of the ball according to the defensive mode, have received good education, from small love football

Disadvantages: It is very limited in the field, but also relying on excellent offensive front line, lacks experience with strong enemies, not good at dealing with regional tarpaign, easy to do wrong decision, when the pressure is slow, not good at avoiding chasing, step slow

Up Template: James – Winston (Pirate)

Lower Template: Kadell – Jones (Lightning)

The show prospects: Haskins has excellent body, pockets and pockets, but lacks the ability to run out pockets to create miracles, is a very rare pocket black four-point guard. If you want to succeed, you must have a top quarter guardian, but a bigger probability that Haskins will grow into a variety of game managers.

Dictionary Keywords: lower limit tall pocket quartz

It is expected that the position: the first five to the top ten

Kyle Murray, Quadruple, Oklahoma University

Figure: 5 feet 10 inch, 207 pounds

Advantages: Explosive power and action frequency first-class, can create miracles with your legs, pocket observation patience, kicking the opponent’s attempt before the kick, the middle distance is accurate, the good arm talent, it is difficult to be killed, can be transferred to the slot Take over, love football, excellent collar

Disadvantages: Dwelling is not able to compete for cheap nfl jerseys online quartz, the pocket is poor, it is easy to miss if it is simple to pass, and it will not play the ball when it is pressed. The pair will challenge the goal of the double-tarpaign. Body is easy to be injured

Up Template: Russel – Wilson (Sea Eagle)

Lower Template: Julian – Edelman (Patriot)

Dictionary prospects: BRIK, Because Murray is too small, it is a big chance to become parallel, after all, the short quarter-off success is too small. However, Murray and Russell Wilson are compared, confirming Murray’s body type and Wilson, and the passage of Murray is better than Wilson, so Wilson is about to sign the biggest alliance than Wilson. Contract, Murray may also become a draft group.

Dictionary Keywords: Passing Elf

It is expected that the position: the first five to the top ten

Drew Lock, Quadruple, Missouri University

Figure: 6 feet 4 inch, cheap jerseys nfl 228 pounds

Advantages: The strength of your arm is good, you can pass a beautiful shuttle ball, a good pocket observation can be adapted to the professional system. When you face the pressure, you can use your eyes to confuse the defenders, and the body will not be accurate, running Also find the goal

Disadvantages: It is more dependent on the bullet gun array, and the sports talent is ordinary. It does not step on the pressure, the passing of the ball is lacking, and it is easy to have unnecessary passes. It is often the target that is entangled by the opponent. In the face of strong enemy

Up Template: Jay – Carter (Former Bear)

Lower Template: Talented Disproduction Edition Jose – Allen (Bill)

Dictionary prospects: Locke has a top-sighted body and arm, this sentence is very familiar? Last year, the first round of Shi Bill’s Yashi had similar evaluation, and the basic skills of Rock were more rough, and almost won’t ran out pockets. If Rock Josh-Allen is the lottery ticket to be scraped, then Locke The chance to redeem the prize.

Dictionary Keywords: Technology Rough Potential Cannon Arm

It is expected that the first round is medium ~

Josh Jacobs, Runaway, University of Alabama

Figure: 5 feet 10 inch, 220 pounds

Advantages: The strong body and lower center of gravity, instantly discover the gap, first-class instantaneous acceleration ability, can rely on shaking and get rid of the hug, instantly change the ability, open the murder, can be played as a three-speed running guard

Disadvantages: The lack of peak vertical speed, the number of long codes is less, it is easy to lose his body balance, it is difficult to live in the inner dry, it is easy to step on the throttle, not willing to slow down, facing the raid

Up Template: Carrim Hunter (Brown)

Lower Template: Special text – Coleman (49 people)

Dictionary Prospect: Jacobs is a full-scale running guard who can catch the ball, and it is more obvious to Hedi Chicken in this year, although the lack of Sembron-Barkley’s naked naked eye visible top talent But Jacobs enabled a team to build a system around him and fill each gear.

Dictionary Keywords: Fighting Forces

It is expected that in the middle of the first round ~ the first round of the first round

DK-Metcalf (D.K. Metcalf), external work, Mississippi University

Figure: 6 feet 3 inch, 228 pounds

Advantages: Historical level body talent, huge air fighter, foot, unexpected light, reliable vertical threat, can quickly get the outer body, can be stuck in the opponent, excellent body coordination, repeated performance single hand Catch a ball

Disadvantages: It is easy to pick up, lack of short-distance ball stability, lack of swaying of opponents, lack elite speed, road run is not comprehensive enough, depending on vertical route, feet and neck have injury hidden dangers

Up Template: Josh – Gordon (Patriot)

Lower Template: Laquin Tredeville (Viking)

Dictionary Prospect: Although the joint training camp showed the wilderness talent, it revealed the lack of route running and folding, and the loss is that the observation day of the school has retrieved, and the advantages and disadvantages of Metcarf are obvious. I can become a first-class vertical weapon, but it will become pure talent.

Dictionary Keywords: Upper and lower limit are very amazing big children

It is expected that in the middle of the first round ~ the first round of the first round

Marquise Brown, Extraction, Oklahoma University

Figure: 5 feet 9 inch, 166 pounds

Advantages: Have the vertical speed of the elite level, keep high-speed running, movement is very flexible, amazing, good at vertical attack, easy to attract safety and guard, the route is great, can initiate attack from the offensive back, Can touch the screen short pass, enough flexibility to escape

Disadvantages: The body is too small, it is difficult to do the pavement cover, the ball is not soft enough, lack of single-handed ability, need to increase the ability to track the ball, the university is not trying to go back, the body is too thin and caused Injuries

Up Template: Terrick – Hill (Emirate)

Lower Template: Tarn – Wilson (Cowboy)

Dictionary prospects: Don’t look at Brown thin little, the energy of him is reminded of TaRi-Hill or Deten-Jackson, in addition to confroniency, Brown route running and versatility is quite complete Since there is just a foot surgery, the draft will fall appropriately.

Dictionary Keywords: Technical Comprehensive Trouble

It is expected that in the middle of the first round ~

AJ-Brown (A.j.Brown), external work, Mississippi University

Figure: 6 feet 0 inch, 226 pounds

Advantages: The tall trough connectors can be used as a screen short pass, and the road runs very comprehensive. When the route runs, it can speed, it is difficult to be hugged after the ball, the straight arm is not bad, and the transmission can be quickly Track the position of the ball

Disadvantages: Lack of elite speed, lack of external single ability, lack of short-pass flexibility, vertical attack capability doubts, catching the ball, facing the ball, learn to adjust the body

Up Template: Zhu Zhu – Smith – Schustel (Steel Man)

Lower Template: Aquian – Bolin (preparalloch) lacks the feel

Dictionary Prospect: Simple Brown lacks to become a speed and talent of the super superstar, but his route run is the most complete and most skilled in this selection, plus his slot has the advantage, so it is difficult for Brown. Become a super star, but it can provide a stable output per game.

Dictionary Keywords: large slot of the lower limit

It is expected that in the middle of the first round ~

TJ-Hokenman (T. J. Hockenson), near-end Arm, University of Iowa

Figure: 6 feet 5 inch, 251 pounds

Advantages: Top sports talent, vertical route can quickly pull the boring body, great steps can quickly create vacancies, can block the protector with the body, as a pavement cover, good boxing

Disadvantages: Need to increase muscle, high-point ball is unstable, the road cover is too urgent, the road cover is difficult to “end” opponent, the key moment is soft

Up Template: Tel Avis – Kyle (Chief)

Lower Template: George – Kittel (49 people)

Dictionary prospects: Horkenman is a terrorist ball weapon code with body and talent. The basic skills such as route running are also relatively complete, and it can be very efficient to complete the road cover, God seems to Gronoski and Kelsea. Almost no too many disadvantages also make him very likely to enter the top ten.

Dictionary Keywords: “Perfect” close

Expected position: the first ten ~ first round

Noah Fant, Near Duanfeng, Iowa University

Figure: 6 feet 4 inch, 249 pounds

Advantages: Athlete’s metamorphosis of track and field athletes, rapid acceleration of vertical attacks after kicking, can use speed to create a ball space, can attack any area of ​​the stadium, no matter the high ball or low ball can be perfectly handled, red zone and three murder, road surface The cover can keep the body balance, and the punch is attacking the opponent.

Disadvantages: The lower body is thin, it is difficult to adapt to the road cover of the NFL level, lack the power of blowing attack points, need to learn the way to adjust the body after contact, it is difficult to get rid of “from” staring at the defense, there is a loss of attention, turn around, turn around Looking for a ball very slow, facing the regional targeted performance is unstable

Up Template: Eric Ebon (Pony)

Lower Template: Gerard Evret (Ram)

Dictionary Prospect: Compared with the university team friend Hofunsen, Fanter is equally tall, and the route runs, sports talents, mobile fluency is over, but at the same time, Fanter is not so good at road cover, pick up The shortcomings of the ball are low, and the shortcomings that are easy to make mistakes are also very obvious. However, for the team rushing to upgrade attack, Fanter’s talent is unreasonable.

Dictionary Keywords: Talent Near Toler Edge

It is expected that in the middle of the first round ~ the first section of the second round

JAWAAN TAYLOR, cut off, Florida University

Figure: 6 feet 5 inch, 312 pounds

Advantages: The thick body, the arm is long, the game is quite rough, can easily promote the defender, the legs continue to move until the cover, the box is very straightforward, rarely make the opponent to get the outside body, enough fast to react off the transposition And raid, there is no shrinkage when the rotation

Disadvantages: It is necessary to control the weight, and it is easy to make a punishment before the kick, it is easy to be dial by the opponent to grab the inside of the opponent. When the opponent breaks from the inside, it is easy to pull the people, it is too high, it is difficult Sighted left cut

Up Template: Marcus Gilbert (steel man)

Lower Template: Morgan – Moses (Red Leather)

Dictionary prospects: Taylor’s body and talents are all multiplied, passing the ball protection and pavement cover. In addition to making the opponent’s drill into this shortcoming, Taylor is the most complete cutaway this year, when he enters the league Easily put the right cuts, hone the left and tricks.

Dictionary Keywords: Technical Comprehensive Right True

Expected position: the first ten ~ first round

Jonah Williams, Die, Alabama University

Figure: 6 feet 4 inch, 302 pounds

Advantages: The basic action is very standard, every season is obviously progressing, the body coordinates first-class, easy to move the target, the center of gravity will not lose the body balance, can follow the mirror to follow the rushing person, sufficient core power Fast enough to adapt to road cover

Disadvantages: Lack of NFL level arms length, may only make a striker, fear of fast hands long rushers, body frames are small, the punch is not fast enough to make the opponent to the outside, the knee bending ability is not elite, the body Vision is easy to facilitate

Up Template: David – Barcati (Packagers)

Lower Template: Cona – Williams (Cowboy)

Dictionary Prospect: Williams has all the advantages of Alabama offensive front line: strength, basic skill, comprehensive technology, and have a very sufficient hard work experience, the game consciousness and toughness are good, but there is a fatal weakness in his body & mdash; & mdash; The arm is too short, so once the development is not good, Williams can only change the left striker.

Dictionary Keywords: Basic merits, but a deadly defective frontline player

Expected position: the middle section of the first round

Andre Dillard, Patuna, Washington State

Figure: 6 feet 5 inch, 315 pounds

Advantages: The university four years of first-year experience, high football IQ, enough core power and arm exhibition, fast leg can easily change, can quickly complete the body cover or contact cover, you can follow the mirror, Not afraid of transientting, After losing the body can quickly restore balance

Cons: not good pavement cover, need to adapt to the NFL three more stations, kick-off after the traverse position is not deep enough, too easy to hit the opponent punches point helmet, due to the positive pressure causes the release outside pressure, not by hand take away the outside pass rush by

The upper limit template: Ryan – Crediton (former Broncos)

The lower limit of the template: Eugene – Monroe (former Crow)

Draft Prospects: Dillard is probably the best pure pass protection this type left tackle, tall stature and excellent wingspan to help him complete the job of protecting the ball, but his relatively poor road surface cover, and it seems not strong enough for his draft worth it will have an impact.

Draft Key words: obvious advantages and disadvantages of one-dimensional left tackle

Expected position: the middle section of the first round

Cody – Ford (Cody Ford), front guard / tackle, University of Oklahoma

Body: 6’4, 329 lbs

Pros: size and athleticism of the perfect combination, broad-shouldered thick body, front can play multiple positions, the first punches often kill rival, rough style of play, the cover can easily move the target, outstanding screen cover, ran surprisingly open moving speed

Disadvantages: lack of NFL-level pass protection, fear of those who pass the red face of speed, height does not use protection in passing, his hands often with open arms drilled opponents, the need for better balance, the second layer cover the need for more patience, general body control

The upper limit template: Brandon – Brooks (Eagles)

The lower limit of the template: Daryl – Williams (Panthers)

Draft prospect: Ford owns tackle position sufficient experience, but have to lay the physical condition and technical characteristics of care front in the professional arena, can play multiple positions is an important selling point, Crawford strong physique and make fast legs he almost always, looks like he could play left guard and right tackle in front of the professional arena.

Draft Key words: play multiple positions of Full Spectrum Warrior

It is expected that in the middle of the first round ~ the first round of the first round