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The four points Shuo Bo joined the crow will serve as the Frachi

Matt Schaub is about to start a new journey.

Baltimo crow announced that they signed this quadrant. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that this contract is worth $ 3 million.

Shao Bu was a long-term initiative of the Auckland cheap nfl jerseys raid by the Auckland raid, but he was more reasonable in the crow as a crow as a four-point Guo Joe-Vlaco (Joe FLACCO). Fraco has always been a trier in its NFL career, since he first entered alliances since 2008. In Keith Wenning and Bryn Renner are the only two-point guard in the crow array, Shaohu will be safe guaranteed to provide this location as the old.

The local media reported that the crow is the only team in Shaohuet visit. He also has also caused interest in Atlantan Falcon, Tennesi Titan and Dallas.

33-year-old Shaohu is a year over the peak of Houston Texas, cheap jerseys but he represents the upgrade of crows in the depth of the four-shift.