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United Unitednly partition foratet vs patriot (historical record)

As the two teams that exist when the alliance start created, the historical confrontation is not too much. Since 1966, there has been 21 times since 1966, and the chief has 12 wins and 8 losses. However, cheap jerseys from china since Braddy became the patriotic four defense, the patriot had achieved a good results for 4 wins and 2 losses of the overhead.

The fourth week of the regular season last season, the patriots were passenger than Kansas, and Braddy passed only 159 yards in the game. In the case of Justin Houston, he hit the scene of the two sides in the scene of Justin Houston. After this, the reporter asked if the Patriot coach Bir Bilchk would replace the good Tom Braddy, Bilipk screamed an interview with reporters and did not retain support Braddy. In the subsequent regular season, under the leadership of Bradi, the patriot 10 wins and 2 losses, and finally held a super bowl.

Last season, it was a game that defeated the chief, became the patriotic waters, and finally held a super bowl. At this game, the two teams hand in the first playoffs, Breddy once again facing Houston and the state hot chief defensive group will continue to keep this season’s hot feel? We will wait and wholesale jerseys for sale see.